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Welcome to Tri-Beta National Honor Society!!!

Any student may be an Associate Member of BBB, the only requirement is to pay the $30.00 chapter dues. As an Associate Member you may attend meetings, activities, and start earning points.

To be a Full Member of BBB there are several requirements that must be met: 

  • Have completed 3 Biology Courses - Bio 1, Bio 2, and an upper    division biology course (e.g. General Genetics, Vertebrate    Physiology, etc.)
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Pay $45 National Dues before Spring Induction

NOTE : If you do not meet the requirements to be a Full Member, you may still be an Associate Member and start to earn points towards your Honor Cord until you have the necessary requirements!! 

Chapter Dues :
Chapter dues are $30.00 and are paid by all BBB members on an annual basis. By paying the Chapter dues you are an Associate

Member of FSU's BBB Sigma Tau chapter. These monies are deposited into our chapter's account and are used to purchase materials for fundraisers or events hosted by BBB.  Your annual dues also provides a member shirt and the design is voted upon at the start of the fall semester as solicited by you the members.

National Dues :
National dues are $45.00 and are paid by all BBB members on a one-time-only basis. These are due before the Annual Spring Induction Ceremony and make you an official member of BBB. These monies are sent to the national office. The funds are used to support national research grants, travel awards to convention, and your lifetime subscription to the BIOS journal after you graduate from University.  As a Full Member, you may vote in officer elections, be elected as an officer, and list BBB on your resume or curriculum vitae.  

To become a member, please fill out a Membership Form and bring it to one of our meetings, preferably the first meeting of the semester

Want more information or interested in joining??  Please contact President, Mary Vargas for information or Secretary, Shelby Flohr to get on our Blackboard List!

Need to report points for an activity??  Please contact Vice President, Grant Talkington.  



Activity Points Awarded per Activity
General Meeting  3
Socials/Small Trips  5
Long Distance Trips 10
National Convention Participant 20
Posterboard Competition Participant 15
Volunteering 1 per hour
Raffle 1 per ticket sold 
Relay for life  10 pts. for captain / co-captain / 1 per hour (20hrs. total) 


If you would like to check your current payment of National Membership and Honor Cords and the spelling of your name for your certificate, please click here to download the induction file.  You must be cleared on this list for Inductions that will take place April 13th, 2017.

Please contact Dr. Fadool (dfadool@bio.fsu.edu) ASAP for any corrections/errors.  All dues MUST be paid by March 31st 5 pm to be induced by April 13th).  National Dues are due by March 31st.  You can pay by check or cash (name on envelope) to the wooden drop box outside Dr. Fadool's Office (KIN 3008), or see her if you would like to use the CC reader/square.  

Current 2017-2018 Membership = 

Rebecca Abblett
Kassandra Abdel-Kader
Rachel Abercrombie
Ryan Adams
Nicolette Adrian
Romy Aiken
Arwa Akram
Nicholas Alexander
Dyllan Allen
Amy Alonso
Gilberto Alvarez
Sandra Andres
Fabrizio Angeles
Lauren Angnardo
Nicholas Arias
Raquel Arias
Morgan Arneson
Catherina Artikis
Alexis Atanda
Karina Atienza
Arseniy Atlanov
Gabriela Avalos
Alejandro Baquero-Lima
Emily Barton
Shellon Baugh
Amanda Beckman
Kristin Bedwell
Rebekka Behr
Ryan Bennett
Delia Bennett
Kaitlyn Bludau
Brett Bohannon
Bradley Boutcher
Michele Bowersox
Nina Bracciano
Alicia Bruno
Charles Buerk
Alexa Burch
Casey Burke
Summer Cantone
Jamison Carnegie
Brianna Carney
Kayla Carpenter
Hadley Carrero
Brooke Carter
Joseph Catania
Giselle Chacon
Jade Chery
Cristina Chiodi
Abigail Chisholm
Erin Clancy
Samantha Coleman
Kartis Connors
Jonathan Corrao
Malachi Corrao
Lindsay Cosby
Ashley Cotton
Morgan Cowan
Nicola Crouch
Amanda Curtis
Natalie Da Costa
Kyle Damico
Eduardo Davila
Cameron Dawson
Tiffany Delacruz
Natalie Dharrie-Maharaj
Adrianne Dias
Rebecca Diaz
Gabriel Diaz
Kristie Dick
Barbara Dietrick
Catherine Dietrick
Corey Dolgin
Hershel Don
Megan Duffy
Madeline Eagley
Farouk Elkhayat
Jessica Ellis
Salma Elsheikh
Dounia Elsidawi
Amado Estrada Fernandez
Debra Fadool
James Fadool
William Fallar
Michelle Flohr
Charles Ford
Charles Ford
Bianca Fox
Jessica Fraley
Leigh Fremuth
Brandon Friedman
Joseph Gaeta
Jacklyn Garcia
Alec Garfinkel
Victoria Georges
Brianna Gill
Kyle Gispert
Nicholas Glen
Emily Golan
Jake Golden
Krista Gomes
Sofia Gomez
Oliver Gonzalez
Maricela Gonzalez
Gabriela Gonzalez
Gabriela Gonzalez
Alfredo Gonzalez
Emily Good
Molly Gordon
Amanda Gorgy
Brandi Goss
Lauren Gottfreid
Nicole Grant
Megan Griffith
Kyle Grosser
Joseph Guidubaldi
Paul Gursky
Alexa Hadar
Kathleen Hagan
Hunter Hamilton
Reagan Harrison
Brooke Hartenstein
Elizabeth Haynes
Cameron Healy
Cornelius Henry
Makena Hensin
Nickolas Hernandez
Madelyn Hicks
Heather Hill
vivian Hoang
Sarah Hoffmann
Nicholas Holt
Samantha Hone
Andrew Huh
Sufeeya Irani
Aryanna Ismaili
Gloria Jackson
Savannah Jacobson
Savannah Jarratt
Jaedon Jaworski-Nahas
Jonathan Jerez
Natalie Jones
Zoe Jones
Aishani Kalluri
Alyssa Karavitis
Julieanna Keclik
Eliot Kemper
Jack Khan
Samantha King
Gakeria Kirton
Westin Kosater
Zachary Lalk
Mercedes Lancia
Dominique Larrea
Stephanie Lee
Valerie Lemakos
Dylan Lenczewski-Jowers
Tyler Leroy
Kelly Lincoln
Katelyn Longworth
Stephen Lu
Tiffani Lucero
Alice Ma
Ronald Mackenzie
Patrick Magnant
Smita Mahajan
David Maldonado
Michaela Manias
Leo Marino
Drew Martin
Sarah Martinez
Curt Martinez
Luis Martinez
Matias Matias
Mark Mayoral
Lauren McDaniel
Benjamin McMichael
Elizabeth Mccaskey
Haley Megarity
Clarena Mejia Castro
Alana Mellers
Taylor Melville
Patricia Mendoza
Laura Merchan
Ashley Meyer
Zoe Michael
Joseph Miguez
John Miller
Carla Miniet
Anna Mironyuk
Louis Mitta
Alexia Montas
Celina Morel
Giovanna Moretti
Raymond Morie
Kelsey Morrison
Connor Mueller
Nicholas Murphy
Matthew Murray
Connor Murray
Breanna Muszynski
Avery Nelson
Cayla Newman
Melissa Newsome
Joseph Novetzke
Colin O'Connor
Andrew Older
Melissa Olguin
Laura Ortiz
Laura Ortiz
Christine Palmer
Brooke Parker
Aarti Parmar
Puja Patel
Tyler Paula
Eric Pei
Christian Perez
Christian Perez
Christian Perez
Manuel Perez
William Peterson
William Peterson
Ana Phelan
John Phelps
Benjamin Pifer
Juan Martin Portilla
Madee Prether
Jacob Prout
Vrena Puentes-Corchero
Allysa Quick
Daniela Quijano
Quinn Rainer
Wesley Ramirez
Clint Regal
Alyssa Register
Paris Renda
Rodrigo Rivero
Nicholas Roberts
Jordyn Robinson
Hunter Robinson
Jennifer Rodriguez
Jeunesse Rodriguez
Nicholas Romano
Alexandra Rose
Mitchell Roth
Marla Rowe
Valerie Rozon
Anakarina Rueda
Tyler Saavedra
Dragana Sanader
Amanda Sang
Alyssa Santana
Nicholas Santiso
Savannah Savadel
Madison Savage
Bianca Schindeler
Baylie Schott
Kory Schulz
Chelsea Schwartman
Aiden Searcy
Karisse Seegobin
Alexis Seery
Carson Segler
Nathaniel Sheplak
Samantha Skrob
Alan Soroka
Catherine South
Kyle Staton
Shane Sterling
Jack Stine
Mia Stroud
Megan Sweeney
Grant Talkington
Amber Taylor
Kelsey Tesalona
Adrien Thokalath
Andrew Thompson
Andrew Thompson
Dylan Tomsey
Jake Travers
Emily Turla
Logan Turner
Milcia Usatorres
Leah Utt
Mary Vargas
Erin Vasquez
Kimberly Viola
Nicholas Waddell
Ellen Waidner
Emily Wallace
Victoria Weinbrecht
Taylor Welniak
Elizabeth Willson
Charlotte Wollermann
Courtney Wyville
Hernan Yunis
Stephanie Zech
Roxana Zelaya
maria cobo
rebecca da silva
danielle russo



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