Welcome to Tri-Beta National Honor Society!

Want to join BBB this Fall 2023 Semester? WATCH this 2 minute YouTube Video to find out more!

Any student may be an Associate Member of BBB, the only requirement is to pay the $35.00 chapter dues. As an Associate Member you may attend meetings, activities, and start earning points.

To be a Full Member of BBB there are several requirements that must be met: 

  • Have completed 3 Biology Courses - Bio 1, Bio 2, and an upper division biology course (e.g. General Genetics, Vertebrate Physiology, etc.)
  • Have a minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Pay $55 National Dues before Spring Induction

NOTE: If you do not meet the requirements to be a Full Member, you may still be an Associate Member, participate in all our activities, and start to earn points towards your Honor Cord until you have the necessary requirements! The only restriction for an Associate Member is they are not allowed to vote on official society business.  

Chapter Dues :
Chapter dues are $33.00 and are paid by all BBB members on an annual basis. By paying the Chapter dues you are an Associate Member of FSU's BBB Sigma Tau Chapter. These monies are deposited into our chapter's account and are used to purchase materials for fundraisers or events hosted by BBB.  Your annual dues also provide a member shirt.

National Dues :
National dues are $55.00 and are paid by all BBB members on a one-time-only basis. These are due before the Annual Spring Induction Ceremony and make you an official member of BBB. These monies are sent to the national office. The funds are used to support national research grants, travel awards to convention, and your lifetime subscription to the BIOS journal after you graduate from University.  As a Full Member, you may vote in officer elections, be elected as an officer, and list BBB on your resume or curriculum vitae.  

Want more information or interested in joining?  Follow our social media accounts, request to join our Nole central & Canvas pages and come to our events!


Activity Points Awarded per Activity
General Meeting  3
Socials/Small Trips  5
Long Distance Trips 10
National Convention Participant 20
Posterboard Competition Participant 15
Volunteering 1 per hour
Raffle 1 per ticket sold 
Relay for Life / Light the Night 10 pts. for captain / 1 per hour


The current list represents individuals that have paid their chapter dues for the 2023-2024 year.  

 The list below indicates members that have paid their local chapter dues that are due once per year.   You are required to pay National dues for 2024 Inductions, only once a lifetime, and this occurs in the spring semester prior to inductions.  If you are already a National member of the Sigma Tau Chapter, then it is  alternatively listed here.   If you are a graduating senior and need honor cords, that will be noted as well - please let us know if there are errors/corrections ASAP.  We are not sure of your planned graduation so please just let Dr. D know by email if it is this Spring or Summer.  We will send the listing to National around April 17th, 2024 to make sure all have been completed.  Thank you!


2023-2024 Membership =

Emma Able  

Nitya Ahir  

Cate Allen  

Aliah Bangash  

Sarah Bass 

Sarah Barlow  

Anthony Benn  

Dylan Bernowitz  

Samuel Bethards  

Charlotte Calvert  

Kassandra Carillo  

Lazaro Castano  

Kasandra Castellon 

Madison Conely  

Callee Connon  

Bryce Couey  

Chloe Crespi  

Chloe Bryl  

Elle Daily  

Victor Da Silva  

Angelique Deville  

Gabriel Diaz  

Zoe Ewbank  

Jack Ferro  

Tammy Flores  

Megan Foster  

Tara Fuchs  

Hayley Garrison  

Bobby Hansen  

Allison Harris  

Jamison Herron  

Dani Huene  

Madisen Hunt  

Irma Ibrahimovic  

Elena Jolley  

Veronica Kelada 

Jack Kiely  

Abigail Kiritsy  

Grace Larson  

Brandon Licata  

Sofia Lordello  

Stacey Louima  

Preesha Malladi  

Sofia Marckioil  

Millard McLeod  

Mckensie Myers  

Anthony Nieves  

Evelyn Nunez 

Emma Oliver  

Harry Papapanos  

Paola Perez Angelkos  

Genevieve Reynolds  

Samuel Rink  

Alejandro Rivera-Mulero  

Alejandra Romero  

Haley Rose  

Arcenio Saballos  

Emma Sag  

Alyssa Simson  

Sabrina Somai  

Camille Sonalia  

Ela Stevkovska 

Vaneza Tamayo  

Zoe Tsiapalis  

Andrew Thaxton  

Alexia Tremellen  

Leah Wall  

Logan Willette 

Mckenzee Zike  


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