Merchandise for Sale

We are currently selling FSU Face Masks, FSU Biology Mugs, FSU Field Hats, FSU Ball Caps, FSU Biology t-shirts, and FSU Tri-Beta Club shirts. All proceeds will go to sending undergraduate researchers to the 101st National Research Convention in Columbus, GA in the Summer of 2024.  

They make great graduation gifts, nice "thank you" to guest speakers, or holiday gifts to your friends and family!  Thank you to the Biological Science Department Members whom have supported us in our sales. 

$60- Sweatshirt/sweatpants Together

$40- Florida State Biology Sweatshirt Alone

$25- Tri-Beta Sweatpants Alone

$25 - Tri-Beta Club Shirt

$25 - FSU Field Hats

$24 - FSU Ball Caps

$19 - Long Sleeve FSU Biology Shirt

$15 - Short Sleeve FSU Biology Shirt

$8 - Face Masks or 2/$15

$8 - Mugs or 2/$15

Merchandise is available throughout the year to department and society members and will be available at general business meetings or contacting Dr. D. Fadool.