Outreach Activities to Our Community


LIGHT THE NIGHT - This event benefits the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and usually consists of a carnival like event followed by a walk around campus. In 2020, this event will be held online in November. 

RELAY FOR LIFE - We are so excited for our Relay for Life Team and are preparing for the big event in April! If you would like to stay up all night and fundraise to fight cancer and increase scientific research opportunities, then this event is for you!

BEACH CLEAN UP - On the third Saturday in September, in synchrony with the National Coastal Cleanup Week, we join forces with Franklin County and Wakulla County to pick up our state's shoreline. We focus our efforts along Mashes Sands, St. Mark's Wildlife Refuge, and Alligator Point Beaches. Because we have been doing this for over 5 years, we decided as a society last week to "Adopt a Beach" in Alligator Point, Florida. If you fish along Alligator Drive or come to relax along the beach in this community, you will see our Adopt the Beach Sign along the Rock Break Wall where a local Girl Scout Troop has installed Wooden Trash Cans along the shore. 

SEASTAR DISSECTION - Every April, we visit a local K-12 college preparatory school and work with the 5th graders to teach them about conservation and echinoderms! This is such a great opportunity to anyone who wants to teach, studies marine science, or enjoys being around children. 

THE HOMELESS SHELTER - There is a real need on our community for those that have lost their homes. We enjoy making sandwiches to pass out to the mobile homeless at their new site downtown. We made sandwiches in January, and will likely do this again to help our homeless in the city of Tallahassee.


These opportunities and more will be posted on our social media accounts!

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